Who We Are

We count ourselves amongst the many open pro/scratch tournament golfers who passionately pursue golfing excellence with the ultimate goal to maximize potential. We are administrators of an extremely prolific (having conducted over 6,000 tournaments and running) open pro/scratch golf tour. We are providers of support services to other independent administrators.

We are No EXemptions Tour, Inc. [NEXT!], which owns and operates Open Golf America (, which has served the Moonlight Golf Tour [MGT] and other tours or club activities by posting schedules, scoring results and action video. NEXT! operates three stages of play, with player advancement between stages based solely on performance, and NO EXEMPTIONS.

What We Do

We currently publish the schedules, scoring results, golf action videos and website links for the Moonlight Golf Tour [MGT]
We operate the No EXemptions Tour [NEXT!] conducting higher level events: Level2 and Level3. These have additional award funding, with past winners earning $5,000 and $15,000 respectively.
We identify, train and support experienced tour golfers to become effective open pro/scratch tour golf administrators owning and operating independently.
We seek like-minded program sponsors who will benefit from the relationship, provide leadership direction to OPEN GOLF AMERICA and most importantly join us in the mission to elevate the sport of golf.

Where Are We

We currently support tournament operations in Central Florida.
Our services are structured to support other independent open pro/scratch golf tournament operations in all other U.S. states and territories.

Why We Exist And Persist

Our philosophy has driven us since our beginning in 1992.
As Americans we are free to pursue our passions. Our passion is to aspire to greatness in tournament golf, and we must pursue that passion. Golf is a game where people of all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, religions, ethnicities, financial strengths, mental and physical gifts can work hard and improve their games and themselves in the process. True success can only be earned, not inherited or otherwise gifted. A player gets from the game only what he/she puts into the game.

The game may not be considered fair, with one ball in the fairway coming to rest up and clean while another down and dirty in a depression. But the game can be administered equitably to all. Subjective administration is a degradation of golf. The golf scores should serve as the sole determiner as to whether a player advances, qualifies, places or wins.

Golf can be a significant role model of the true American theme of upward economic mobility through hard work. Open Golf America strives to show the way toward a better system for golf and for America.

There is need for a program which ensures that aspiring tour golfers have an open, accessible and affordable place to play, develop and advance. That program is OPEN GOLF AMERICA at
Are there Americans who have earned success and who love golf, who understand the significance of openning pro/scratch golf, and will become its champion? Own and sponsor one allied open pro/scratch tournament at your club by first contacting us at or calling (727) 393-8531.