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gMATRIX also known here as QUIKSTAT or golfQUIKSTAT, owned by No EXemptions Tour, Inc. "NEXT!", is a beta test golf statistical software product made freely available for test and market research purposes.
Data or reports generated, while believed to be extremely accurate, may have errors which should be reported by the user.

     QUIKSTAT at is the internet-based database program provided by the No EXemptions Tour, Inc. (NEXT!).
     Use of this program constitutes an agreement by the user to the terms and conditions specified here.
     NEXT! reserves the right to change the conditions for QUIKSTAT use at any time.
     Use of this program following the posting of any changes of its conditions for use
     will constitute implicit acceptance by the user of all changes.

     The QUIKSTAT software code and its specific design are protected under law.
     NEXT! reserves the right to remove any user data from the QUIKSTAT database and/or discontinue service
     to any user which it deems as harmful to the operation of the QUIKSTAT system or group.
     Each Username and Password are intended for single user operation.
     Any sharing of the Username or Password by the user or sharing of QUIKSTAT resources capabilities with other persons is prohibited,
     EXCEPT for any user's instructors/coaches to RECEIVE REPORTS,
     may subject the user to rejection and/or discontinuation of QUIKSTAT service.

     NEXT! makes no warranty and does not guarantee the accuracy of data generated by QUIKSTAT.
     The accuracy of the QUIKSTAT output reports is strongly a function of the completeness and accuracy of the user's input data.
     Use of the QUIKSTAT output data is made at the user's risk.
     NEXT! does not guarantee the availability or reliability of the QUIKSTAT system.
     QUIKSTAT system availability and reliability are largely a function of
     third party internet host services performance and internet communications, not under the control of NEXT!
     Periodic printing by the user of the user's QUIKSTAT tabular data is recommended
     to ensure the user's permanent safekeeping of the user's performance data.

     NEXT! shall not be liable and held as harmless for any damages arising out of or related to
     the use or non-performance of the QUIKSTAT product or service.
     The user agrees to indemnify NEXT!, its officers and its third party computer host services company from and against all losses,
     damages and costs including attorney's fees, attributable to your use of QUIKSTAT.
     Use of QUIKSTAT is solely at the user's risk.
     Renewal of any membership will be at the sole discretion of NEXT!

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